Remove Constraints from Interface Builder XIBs in Xcode 4.5

It turns out that getting rid of those wacky new constraints you see attached to user interface elements in Interface Builder is easy. To remove auto layout constraints in Xcode 4.5, just uncheck the “Use Auto Layout” box from the File Inspector while in the Interface Builder layout. ┬áHonestly, if you’re building for iOS 6 and beyond you’re probably going to have to get used to them. ┬áTo me, this heralds the end of the days where we only had a couple of aspect ratios to design for.

5 comments on “Remove Constraints from Interface Builder XIBs in Xcode 4.5

  1. Thanks… that stuff drove me mad.
    I’d be editing an element’s x or y, and the constraints list would be changing, which changed the scroll bar to show or remove, which bumped the up and down arrows I was clicking on… It’s garbage.

  2. This is a cool tip but why use IB at all when you can code the layout of objects by hand and have full control over them? Which then can be translated into other environments if you ever choose to port this code or submit it to lets say Git Hub.

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