Apple Keyboard Setup for Jetbrains Products Utilizing the OS X Keymap under Centos 7

On linux (Centos 7.1 to be specific) to effectively utilize Jetbrains’ products using an Apple keyboard with OS X hotkeys, the “F” keys need to be enabled and the command key (⌘) needs to be mapped to the “Meta” key code. Below are steps to do both of those things. 1. Enable the “F” keys. […]

Setting up an Environment to Build the Hadoop Native Library

The following are my notes on how to setup a freshly installed Centos 6.5 machine to compile the Hadoop native library. My reason for doing this was to add a modified version of the native library which utilized hardware compression. In order to accomplish that, I needed to recompile the native library. In a previous […]

Integrating Hardware Accelerated Gzip Compression into Hadoop

  The following is a set of instruction for integrating HW GZIP compression into a Hadoop DataNode. The compression enabled in this set of instructions is activated on the map phase’s output data, as well as the reduce phase’s output. Compression at the map output’s stage reduces the number of the bytes written to disk […]

Bad to Ugly on Glassdoor

I’ve been quietly watching a fews companies’ reputations on Glassdoor fall for about a year now. It’s a massacre. That worst part is that most of the blood drawn originates from these companies repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot, over and over. For companies there is a silver lining to a stretch of bad reviews; […]

Create a bootable CentOS USB drive with a Mac (OS X) for a PC

1. Visit Centos’ web page,, and download the iso image you’d like to boot from. 2. When the download has completed, open up terminal and use ‘hditutil’ to convert the *.iso to an *.img file (specifically, a UDIF read/write image). $hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o target.img CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-Everything.iso Reading Master Boot Record (MBR : 0)… […]

Objective-C : Do This, Not That

Below is my Objective-C niggle list. Beyond listing my niggles, I’ve also included what I think is a proper resolution for each complaint and why I think it is a correct resolution. I’d love to hear from anybody who disagrees and why they disagree. I should note that I’ve, at some point in the past, […]

Remove Constraints from Interface Builder XIBs in Xcode 4.5

It turns out that getting rid of those wacky new constraints you see attached to user interface elements in Interface Builder is easy. To remove auto layout constraints in Xcode 4.5, just uncheck the “Use Auto Layout” box from the File Inspector while in the Interface Builder layout.  Honestly, if you’re building for iOS 6 […]