Linux X11 Forwarding Bug Workaround

To resolve errors regarding X11 forwarding open /etc/default/ssh and set: SSHD_OPTS= to SSHD_OPTS=-4 Next you’ll need to restart ssh /etc/init.d/ssh restart After ssh has restarted your issues will have been resolved.  Things like gvim, xterm, synaptic, or firefox are now possible over an ssh connection. The sort of errors that this alteration will fix look […]

Truecrypt + Automator = Automatically Mounted Encrypted Drives in OS X

  Though OS X’s disk utility is fully capable of encrypting files, there are some instances where you may need to share encrypted volumes across platforms.  In this situation truecrypt is a compelling solution. The problem with truecrypt on a mac, however,  is that the encrypted volumes must be manually mounted before you can utilize […]