Jun 23

So I got my iphone, signed up for the developer network, and loaded my animation test application (see the posting on June 17) onto the actual hardware. The animation is as smooth as it was on the simulator. However, it did take a bit longer to load, and there was about a second pause after I pushed the “all” button (which starts all the animations) before the animations would begin. Regardless, I am fairly confident my current scheme to animate using the UIImageViews should work.

Tonight, I also finished up the classes I am using to save persistent data to the iphone’s sqlite database. Additionally, I used the leak utility to check for leaks, of which a handful were found and corrected. I’ll have to test more thoroughly at a later date, but I’ve modularized things enough that further changes won’t cause too much havoc.

BTW, I am using the SQLite Manager plugin for firefox to view the databases/tables I created as I tested the data persistence classes. The plugin is a little buggy, but works 99% of the time.

Jun 18

I got this email from AT&T today:

Your iPhone is ready and can be picked up at your local AT&T store as early as June 19th. For your convenience AT&T stores will open at 7 AM on June 19th. Remember you have 7 days from this notification to visit your AT&T store to pick up your order.

Awesome! I was worried that since I pre-ordered my phone so late (6 days before launch) that I might have to wait an extra week. Looks like that is not the case. I suspect that demand for this iteration is not as high as the last, since there aren’t too many things that differentiated the two models.

Jun 17

Below is a video demonstrating a preliminary animation test using the UIImageView for creating animations with a set of png images.  Pretty simple stuff, but the goal was to test if the iphone was capable of drawing a number of views concurrently.

Things went pretty well, but until I try this out on actual hardware will I be convinced this method might work.

Jun 13

As my first post to myiphoneadventure.com I thought it was apt to mention that this Friday (hopefully) I will be finally getting an iphone 3GS.  For the past few weeks I have been experimenting with the iphone SDK in an effort to develop an application.  Hopefully this week, or next, I should actually have some hardware to test on.

With regard to my iphone app, I am planning on doing an animated fortune teller who dispenses fortunes.  Although there are a number of fortune teller, and fortune cookie type apps I hope to make mine stand out by being visually interesting and uniquely stylized.  Because the number of apps in this category, I can’t realistically expect much income, but I hope to at least cover the cost of the iPhone Developer Program membership ($99).  Additionally I expect that this app will provide experience, and code, that I can use with the next project.

This is a blog is meant to be a journal of my experiences developing my first app, as well as my experience using my new iphone.  I have found a lot of literature written by people about their experiences writing iphone apps, but many of them are written after the fact.  I find the ones written during the project’s progress to be more interesting, and I hope I can add this blog to that list of interesting journals.

P.S. Can you believe that myiphoneadventure.com was not already taken (well, now it is) ?  It was the first domain I came up with when thinking what to call this site.  I guess sometimes you just get lucky.

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